The Project

The Three Minute Project is an experimental art film directed and produced by Genevieve Brandenburg. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen tests, over 6 months a procession of people were filmed for three minutes each including students, workers, artists, activists, musicians, friends, and family. After successfully filming 221 individual people, the footage was creatively edited into a feature-length montage depicting a diverse range of Adelaide-based personalities.

In March 2012 the Project premiered at the Mercury Cinema, as part of the Adelaide Fringe, and received positive reviews. After over a year of hibernation the Project was shown once more in June 2013 at Espionage Gallery in Adelaide, to an audience once again captured by the Project’s insight into the lives of 221 individuals.

The Three Minute Project captures and documents the individuality, creativity, emotion and beauty of the human being in the most intimate of ways. Through the silence and speech of the Project’s 221 participants, the audience is privy to intimate, inspiring and thought-provoking moments that are nigh on impossible to experience with a complete stranger in everyday life. Through this experience the audience is subtly asked to reconsider their perceptions and judgements of those they encounter in their everyday lives.

Dedicated to the people and creative culture of Adelaide, The Three Minute Project sheds light on the personal journeys of 221 individuals and their experiences of life.

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